Fire Safety 

Our specialists assist your company in prevention of fires, explosions or accidental chemical releases in chemical process facilities, or deal with hazardous materials in refineries and oil and gas production installations.

We will assist your company to:

  • Prevent fires, explosions and accidental chemical releases;

  • Improve safety processes to protect your staff and facilities;

  • Meet complex process safety regulations;

  • Identify and evaluate explosion risk at your industrial facilities;

  • Manage flammable liquids, gases and potentially dangerous dust;

  • Protect employees from the risk of explosion in areas with an explosive atmosphere;

  • Meet the regulatory obligations;


We will audit and provide the following:

  • Fire protection systems

  • Fire detection systems

  • Water fire suppression systems

  • Gaseous fire suppression systems

  • Clean agent fire suppression systems

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire protection products

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

  • Passive fire products

  • Fire Extinguishing Agents

  • Fire Extinguishing Agents

  • Clean agents