Emergency Response Plan and Control

The Emergency Response System manuals are a guide to all personnel involved in the management of emergency situations or events. The Emergency Response System manuals deal with emergencies at the management level and details the actions to be taken in the following events:

Audit points may be raised from a variety of reference documentation

including but not limited to:

  • Down manning and evacuation
  • Fire and explosion

  • Oil spill/uncontrolled release of materials

  • Well control emergency

  • Unsecured leak of a hazardous substance

  • Severe storm or weather conditions

  • Failure of rig structural components

  • Failure of rig equipment

  • Vessel collision

  • Helicopter emergency

  • Man overboard

  • Serious injury, major illness, or fatality

  • Bomb or terrorist threat

  • Illegal boarding and armed hijack

The effectiveness of the emergency response procedures shall be maintained through periodic training and drills with participation by all employees including contractors. Reviews of the emergency training drills identify opportunities to improve the safety of the employees as well as their level of responsiveness.