Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) outlines the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst protecting health, safety and the environment. It is the means of ensuring that the systems, processes and resources that deliver integrity are in place and will perform as required over the lifecycle of the asset.

AIM improves the facility's reliability and safety whilst reducing un-planned maintenance and repair costs. It ensures fitness for service for ageing systems and installations.

Asset Integrity Management applies to:

  • Plant and facility assets

  • Onshore and offshore pipelines, secondary products distribution and processing systems.

  • Fixed, temporary fixed and floating structures.

In order to maximize productivity, we will ensure your facilities and equipment are maintained regularly. Our services maintain your assets and ensures Safety, productivity and reliability. Our specialists will create an asset integrity management program that suits your company needs which will meet all relevant regulations and will assist you in reducing risks.

  • Risk based inspections

  • Inspection & Technical assistance

  • Design review and verifications

  • Corrosion monitoring

  • Mechanical Integrity Management System

  • Rig, FPSO, Offshore / Onshore platform inspection

  • Drill pipe inspection