Environmental Management

We will perform assessments to ensure the design of facilities and modifications shall consider employee, safety, and environmental factors to promote the highest levels of safety and environmental responsibility.

Our professional staff will ensure that acceptable performance limits and indicators are considered as part of the hazard analysis process to identify safety and environmental critical items. Mechanical and facilities design approval will be made by a third-party certification authority that holds appropriate certification and classification requirements. We will ensure that each company operations shall comply with all applicable government regulatory requirements for its activities in Ghana and with applicable classification society rules. The design information will be controlled in a Company formal documentation system and revised via the Document and Change Control Procedure. Information and descriptions for well control systems, passive and active fire control systems, and emergency evacuation procedures will be documented and readily available for consultation and review.

Our services include:

  • Environmental Management System development and Implementation
  • Environmental Audits

  • Environmental Consultancy Services

  • Pre-Operator Monitoring Assessment Audits

  • Waste planning