System Advanced Laboratories Ltd, is an authorized laboratory, approved by the Laboratories Authorization Authority, by force of the Standards Law and approved by the Standardization Commissioner of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., is one of the large leaders of this market segment, employing more than 200 employees, located at five branches throughout Israel.


System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., performed the comprehensive tests as required by its customers, through a combination of professional expertise, qualitative service and individual attention, employing technical and logistic means that enable it to deliver reliable results at short response times.


System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., employs qualified personnel and experienced engineers in Israel and at projects abroad (Georgia, Ashtrom), combining the unique needs of its client with the standards and the most advanced and updated test methods in Israel and abroad. System's engineers and employees are highly experienced and well known in their fields of expertise, that qualifies them to provide solutions in a wide range of tests at the highest level, with an emphasis on uncompromised reliability and service.


System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., places a senior manager/ inspector at your service for each project, who streamlines bureaucratic processes and provides a swift direct and personal service.


The numerous activity fields of the Laboratory include:


Tests of 1, 2, 3 systems. Building Materials Quality tests: Concrete, stone, marble, cement, steel and more. Piles control: Betonite, dice, sonic, ultra-sonic, etc.

Systems of the building: Plumbing, antennas, solar systems, gas, acoustic ceilings, shelters, banister strength, flooding, sprinkling, plaster/ stone adhesion strength and more.  Special Tests: Trial loading, bolts and anchors extraction, attachment of cladding stones, structures stability, radiography tests and more (some of these tests are performed through sub-contractors). Soil tests in the field and at the laboratory: Modified systems, CBR, Marshal Asphalt systems, bitumen, gardening soil, DCP, land surveys and more. Fire Protection Systems: Inspections of sprinklers, fire detectors, fire doors, responses during a fire. Radiation Tests: Radon gas, cellular antennas, radiation in building blocks and materials.
All the above is just an example. Some of the detailed tests are not subject to laboratory authorization, but System will always find a solution to any existing technical subject through experts it engages.


System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., offers you its services for performing the quality tests required by law and undertakes to perform these tests at the required quality and reliability. The agreement entered with System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., grants you the right to receive guidance and help in solving different problems related to construction and infrastructures which arise during the building process, based on the vast knowledge and experience acquired by the company's engineers. 



Government Entities and Institutions:




Paving and Water Reservoirs:




Public Building and Residential Housing Projects:

Road & Soil

Detection of Underground Structures 

Hydro-geologic Surveys 

Geologic, Geotechnical and Geochemical Mapping 

Geological support for geo-technological projects 

Compiling Geologic and Geotechnical Data and Report Preparation 

Environmental Testing 


Construction Materials & Products

Testing building products 

Testing of building materials 


Asphalt, Bitumen, Oil & Chemical test

chemistry lab -Determining the chemical composition of soils and rocks 

Chemistry lab - Testing Concrete 

Chemistry lab - Testing Cement 

Chemistry lab - Testing the resistance of aggregates to sulfates

Chemistry lab - Soil testing for gardening purposes 

Chemistry lab - Conducting chemical analysis 

Conducting tests in the chemistry lab 

Chemistry lab - Determination of the thickness and weight of zinc plating on metals

Design  mixtures using the Marshall method 

Thickness of waterproofing layers

Thickness and density of Asphalt layers 

Determining the concentration of bitumen in an asphalt mixture by cold and hot extraction 

Determining the concentration of water in an asphalt mixture 

Determining the water content of solar

Tests for fresh bitumen and for recombined bitumen

chemistry test  Test of bitumen emulsions 


Building stretcher systems

Checking the resistance to water penetration of building exteriors

analysis compliance of cladding on external walls: plaster, stone and hard cladding. 

analysis bonding strength by pulling on tiles and ceramics glued to external walls 

analysis the bonding strength of ceramic tiles to flooring 

analysis the thickness and  contagion of paint and plating on metal structures 

analysis the adhesion strength of paint on metal structures 

analysis for air seal Protected space against chemical bomb or any other bomb and protected area 

analysis door and window frames Protected space against chemical bomb or any other bomb and protected areas 

air filtration systems Protected space against chemical bomb or any other bomb and protected areas 

analysis the bonding strength of polymer and other  cladding on external walls 

analysis the thickness of plaster and bonding strength of plaster on external walls. 

analysis the strength of screw and  anchors in natural stone cladding on external walls. 

analysis natural stone cladding bound with wet bonding on external walls. 

Rail loading tests of external / internal structure

Include monitoring the force use and  Including adhesives. Testing anchor strength 

And Screw Measuring and analysis the torque of closure and opening of bolts 

Analysis contagion by removing an entire Stone or tile cladding 

On-site Inspection and analyzes  of reflectance of  road signs 

On-site  Inspection analyzes of reflectors and road markings 

Full match Applicable Standard Testing compliance of fire doors 

Safety testing of playground apparatus in child care facilities and Public Open Spaces


Non Destructive tests

Mapping and Analysis the structure of a building for earth quake 

attempts to buildings, roofs and foundations of other physical systems Using advanced measuring equipment for the continuous monitoring of the load required Load testing  

In the building  stretcher in/out –on site  Mapping the  leaks and their positions 

Discovering the existence and position of steel rods 

By" pet" system  Sonic testing 

For n.d.t test to  foundation stretchers  Ultrasonic tests 


fire department

Inspection of smoke detection and sprinkler systems 

Automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler system 

Inspection of plumbing system 

Testing solar panels 

Testing gas systems 

Testing characteristics of a water supply system 


Calibration department




And force Power

Calculation of uncertainty



NDT-BUILDING Systems for renewing and strengthening old buildings

The department carries out extensive testing for planners and consultants engaged in strengthening buildings against earthquakes

The tests are performed by various methods including advanced mapping system Radar entire structure including foundations.

The mapping results send to the  designer and then perform to contract.


materials testing 

The  department  specializes in a wide range of.

All tests are preformed according to International Standards (BS., ASTM., ISO., DIN.) and Israeli Standards per client's demand.

Micro-structure tests of various metals, such as: iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Chemical analysis by means of spectrometer.

Localized chemical analysis in SEM (Scanning Electro Microscope) of inclusions or corrosion products.

Coating quality tests (adhesion, thickness, etc.)

Welding quality tests.

Soldering quality tests.

Reverse Engineering – testing competitors products and comparing them to the client's products, including type of material and production processes.

Replicas – Field Metallography – nondestrurctive testing whose main purpose is to assess creep, corrosion and/or fire damages.


Mechanical tests

Testing tensile specimens for tensile and yield strength, elongation and reduction of area.

Fasteners testing for tensile and shear strength.

Hardness testing with the A, B, C, Rockwell method.

Micro-hardness tests with Vickers and Knoop methods.

Bending tests.

Creep damage tests.

Corrosion tests:

Tests in salt spray chamber.

Tests in humidity chamber (up to 100% relative humidity).

Inter-granular corrosion tests for stainless steel.

Corrosion tests for stainless steel.

Chemistry and Microbiology test lab

Types of probes

1. Cosmetics

- Health Ministry Cosmetic Registration

• Testing required for each product by the Ministry of Health

• Preparation of the cosmetic product and its submission to the Ministry of Health

• Monitoring the portfolio for the Ministry of Health to license


Microbiological testing

Aerobic total count




Staphylococcus aureus

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Candida albicans

Challenge test

Stability test


candida albicans



Alpha Hydroxy Acids





Salicylic acid

Chromate ion

Aluminum-zirconium chlorides

Thioglycolic acid


Raw materials testing (Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Acid Value and more),   


Free Alkali, Ether Soluble, Alcohol Insoluble, Unsaponifiable Matter