Materials Testing

Provides comprehensive materials testing capabilities to provide the guarantees needed on safety, quality and performance.

Materials Engineering and Processes testing


The department specializes in a wide range of materials testing for use in every corner of industry, production and engineering.


Object of testing (samples and materials)

* Micro-structure tests of various metals, such as: iron, copper, nickel, aluminum,

titanium, etc.

* Chemical analysis by means of spectrometer.

* Localized chemical analysis in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) of inclusions or

corrosion products.

* Coating quality tests (adhesion, thickness, etc.)

* Welding quality tests.

* Soldering quality tests.

* Reverse Engineering – testing competitor products and comparing them to the

client's products, including type of material and production processes.

* Replicas – Field Metallography – non-destructive testing whose main purpose is to assess creep, corrosion and/or fire damages.


Potential clients

Engineering firms, Metal factories, Electronics companies, Failure detectives, Energy

and gas industry, Airlines



Testing methods are accredited and performed according to the highest accepted

international standards.



All employees are either engineers or technical engineers with knowledge and experience in all of the various material and metallurgical domains.

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