System labs recognizes the importance of having qualified and highly trained technical staff to oversee our non-destructive testing procedures.


We adhere to clearly defined certification systems that have been established to guarantee the highest possible standards of expertise.


Non-destructive testing is used for internal flaw indication detection in materials,

specializing in welds.



NDT is used to ensure that materials and welds are up-to- code and to prevent

catastrophic failure.


Object of testing (samples and materials)

Materials that require NDT testing include all support welds, pressure vessels, pipe-

lines, mechanical parts, load-bearing construction, transportation, etc.



Testing methods are accredited and performed according to the highest accepted

international standards.


Potential clients

Construction, welding, transportation (vehicles and railroads), metal manufacturing

industry, power plants, gas pipelines, high pressure vessels and machinery.



All of our employees are certified level II and trained by an in-house level III NDT