Pavement and Asphalt

Includes experts and internationally recognized standards from many differing fields due to the scope of the tests.

Testing procedures range from durability testing of the raw materials such as Bitumen and Aggregates to the testing of quality and maintenance of existing and newly completed roads.

Road, Pavement and Asphalt Testing


This department is responsible for testing the materials and roads throughout their entire process and lifetime.


Object of testing (samples and materials)

Earth foundation, Aggregates, Bitumen, completed roads and surveys, road

candidates for replacement, airport-runways and bridges Surveys of all existing roads to identify sections that require immediate or future maintenance.


Potential clients

Rock quarries, Bitumen refineries, Ministry of transportation, Municipalities, Road

Contractors, Airports.



Testing methods are accredited and performed according to the highest accepted

international standards.



All employees are trained and certified according to their specific domain by the

accreditation authority.

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