Radiology & Gamma Spectroscopy

System employs academic experts for a wide range of Nuclear Physics testing.


Works closely with the environmental protection agency and the atomic energy commission.

Radiation Testing



System performs both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation testing to ensure that the

public and radiation-worker levels are within the international recommended safety



Object of testing (samples and materials)

Materials and personnel that require ionizing radiation testing include: any device

or facility that uses ionizing radiation, all employees that are categorized or subject

to categorization as a radiation-worker, earth and foundations for natural radiation

levels, all new construction and old construction to be monitored for radon-gas,

building materials for natural radiation contribution, etc.

Locations that require non-ionizing radiation testing include: cellular signal towers,

power grids, transformers, power producing facilities, etc.


Potential clients

Hospitals, Power Plants, City Municipalities, Laboratories, Universities, Dentist

offices, Construction companies, Air and sea ports, construction material

manufacturing companies, etc.



Testing methods are accredited and performed according to the highest accepted

international standards.



Employees that preform radiation testing have degrees in physics, or have

undergone courses and rigorous testing for each specific testing method.

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